Expanding Middle East Industrial
Manufacturer Of Electronic Systems Based On AI & IoT
Exmieain Company is a designer and manufacturer of electronic systems based on artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, and in this regard, designs and produces several products in various fields.
Expanding Middle East Industrial Company

The Exmieain Company is an industrial group consisting of the NM group as the parent company, along with numerous subsidiary and related specialized companies that are involved in the field of engineering, construction and development of monitoring systems for light and heavy vehicles, road construction and agriculture, engineering , implementation and development of oil industry monitoring projects, mechanized services in the field of agriculture. Exmieain Company is a manufacturer of a wide range of advanced industrial products, including intelligent and mechanized agricultural systems, digital cluster of light and heavy machinery, medical equipment, and also a provider of a wide array of world-class maintenance and repair services.

Design using the latest controllers

All products of Company have been designed and developed using ARM microcontrollers, and therefore have a high speed of operation in all processes, and also have the possibility of software updates in the coming years

Use of HMI technology

Products of Expanding Middle East Industrial Company, according to the progress of technology and familiarity of users with touch screens and environmental conditions, designs and manufactures all its products using HMI technology, which provides both more facilities for users and the use of devices for The user is visual and easier.

Use of IoT technology

The products designed by the company have been developed using IoT technology and can provide the fastest and most up-to-date facilities to their customers. In our products, this infrastructure is provided so that the system can be remotely Troubleshooted and minimized maintenance costs.

Provide official updates for all products

The company's products, considering the use of HMI technology and the Internet of Things, have the possibility to add new features and capabilities to their products over time. All devices produced by Company are able to update their devices after announcing the latest update.

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Unveiling and opening of the anti-hail system for the expansion of the industry

The unveiling and opening of the anti-hail system for the expansion of the industry with the presence of the honorable vice president for science and technology

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9 Mar 2023